How to make your child fall in love with learning

Aug 8, 2021
By: Supernow HQ

A top parenting priority is raising happy, healthy kids who are set up for a lifetime of success. Instilling an early love of learning is a critical ingredient to raising happier and more fulfilled children. 

But kids aren’t always receptive to learning when it comes in the form of large classrooms and “busy work.” 

Looking for new ways to instill curiosity and a love of learning in your kids? Here are three tried and true approaches to create future lifelong learners.

1. Nurture their curiosities

Children can get obsessed with topics — whether that’s construction vehicles, dinosaurs, arts and crafts, or something else. 

Just because their curiosities aren’t necessarily what is being taught in school, that doesn’t make them any less valid. Encouraging curiosity about your child’s passions can reinforce positive behaviors of research and investigation. 

Let your kid dive deep on what they care about. Create fun challenges that encourage them to dive even deeper — for example, ask them to report back with 10 facts they learned about their favorite topic. 

2. Incorporate play

Turning learning into play can create a complete reframe and mindset shift about learning. 

Today, there are plenty of play-based learning platforms, from software that leverages gamification to the choose-your-own-adventure-style, character-driven classes offered at Supernow

Whether your kids are playing educational trivia or inventing their own biomes and then bringing them to life with Play-Doh, the medium and format can make the difference between a kid-adored educational experience and one that feels like pulling teeth.

3. Make edutainment a reward

Sometimes, making your kid want to learn might require a bit of sneakiness. Much like hiding peas in the mashed potatoes, you might need to hide the educational content in media that’s entertaining and fun. 

Today, lots of better-for-you edutainment exists so that you don’t have to resort to “junk food content” found on social media, video games and YouTube. 

If you treat edutainment content (whether that’s traditional PBS or newer platforms like Supernow) as a treat and not another chore like homework, your child will start to love learning without even realizing it.

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