The Supernow Experience

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How It Works


Video episodes immerse kids in the story

Dive into the mission (and learn along the way) by watching weekly adventure episodes. Meet characters who need your help to move the story forward by building your weekly projects. At the end of the week, see what happens next thanks to your creativity.


A monthly box contains creativity-sparking projects

All the supplies you need to make four art and science projects (one per week). Projects are designed to feel purposeful, instead of prescriptive, inspiring kids’ imagination and confidence.

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Live classes foster collaboration and confidence

Solve the mission together by completing your projects in an optional live, small group Build Club. Choose the weekly time that works for you or drop in on your schedule. The best part? Our instructors help kids with their projects so parents don’t have to!

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How It Works

Kids create while parents can sit back and relax

1. Find the perfect project for any moment

Choose from hundreds of crafting and drawing videos based on supplies you have at home, theme, or kid’s age.

2. Watch how-to project videos

Videos are led by whimsical characters and designed to make crafting easy for kids to complete without adult help.

3. Build, learn and have fun!

Projects take 20-45 minutes to complete and foster topic-based learning, SEL and creative self-expression.


We call it “Sneaky Learning”

Our special recipe that’s vetted by experts and approved by kids and parents worldwide

Learn about topics that are exciting!

From LEGOs to languages, dinosaurs to drawing, we offer endless project videos on things kids WANT to learn about.

Improve fine motor skills

Each project is designed for a specific age range and teaches practical skills like scissor-use, tying, paper-folding, sketching shapes, and beyond.

Taught by magical characters

Projects are led by fun characters who need help solving problems. Kids jump into the story and save the day with their creations.

Not your average kids box...

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Four (!) projects, not just one

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Get project help from live instructors

(no parental supervision required)

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An intriguing mystery that keeps your kids engaged


Tons of fun online companion content


Opportunities for social and team-based collaboration


Earn rewards for participation and problem-solving

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So much more than just a box

Unlike your typical kids boxes, Adventure Club takes kids on a new mission each month that gets them immersed in a whimsical story, building hands-on projects, socializing with peers and learning along the way. We like to call it sneaky learning. Kids just like to call it FUN.

What’s  Included?

Interactive content & engaging storyline

Motivating Badges

4 art and science projects

Social, instructor-led
project classes

Discover the magic of Supernow

get your first box free. only pay for shipping.

Getting started is simple!

1. Select Your Build Club

After purchasing, you’ll be asked to choose a weekly time slot for your LIVE project class with a cohort of kids and instructor.

2. Activate your box

When your box arrives, open it up ASAP and scan the QR code inside to register your kiddo in the portal. This is time-sensitive as the mission starts soon!

3. Start the mission

Kids get into character by opening the Mission Briefing Packet and creating their ID card. The adventure begins whenever you’re ready to watch the first video.


We call it “Sneaky Learning”

Our educational recipe that’s vetted by experts and approved by kids and parents worldwide

Topics kids are curious about.

From LEGOs to languages, dinosaurs to drawing, we offer endless classes on things kids WANT to learn about.

Hands-on, kid-driven class formats.

Our anti-couch potato classes get kids moving, imagining, building and driving the adventure forward together.

Taught by magical characters.

Kids learn theater from a pirate, science from a silly book worm, and sustainability from a mermaid. Who said teachers need to be boring.