Super Teams

Super Teams are small groups of fellow campers who meet weekly to form real bonds through play, conversation, and fun!
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What Happens at a Super Team Meetup?
Bond With Your Super Team
Super Teams meet for 60 minutes once or twice per week with a group of up to 7 campers of the same age. Like a scout troop, kids return each week to bond, learn and develop alongside new friends from all over the country.

Campers can also opt to form a private Super Team with friends or classmates.
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Meet Your Super Counselor
Each Super Team is led by a dedicated Super Counselor, who gets to know each child personally. Super Counselors are experienced educators, childcare professionals and performers who make the experience both fun, supportive and safe for every kid.
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Learn, Develop and Have Fun!
Each Super Team Meetup is guided by a fun, kid-friendly theme like Supernow Olympics, Adventures Under the Sea, or Around the World. Daily programming focuses on a core character-building lesson like compassion, curiosity or courage.
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Instilling Super Values

Every 4 weeks, we focus on a different Super Value - a social or emotional lesson that is core to childhood development.

We bring this value to life while keeping kids engaged through daily Super Team themes - think Supernow Olympics to foster Teamwork or A Jaunt in Japan to foster Curiosity.

Along the way, campers earn Super Value badges to celebrate their progress as they learn and grow together.
Coming up in Super Teams
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Ancient Discoveries in Egypt

We are all archeologists in training as we help Justine Julien, the Super Musée Curator with a special dig site in Egypt. We will travel down the Nile visiting the largest library in the world, solving the great Sphinx’s riddles and wrestle some crocodiles before uncovering and making our own ancient artifacts at the Saqqara necropolis.

Super Values Taught:
Trekking Through Thailand

From the busy streets of Bangkok, to quiet elephant sanctuaries, we are all trekking through Thailand as we learn about our surroundings and try to find Maestro Hesh, who has left us some scavenger hunt clues! On our journey, we’ll make a delicious thai soup, view gorgeous temples, and celebrate at Loi Krathon lantern festival by crafting own own paper lanterns.

Super Values Taught:
On the Ice in Antarctica

We are honorary citizen scientists today and have been invited to Antarctica to join a group of prominent scientists actively working to help the earth! We will break the ice with our friends and learn about one another all while helping local wildlife, like king penguins! We will explore vast glaciers and crevasses and then make our own South Pole dioramas.

Super Values Taught:
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Super Teams FAQs

How many kids are in each Super Team?
Super Teams include up to 7 campers max.
How are kids placed in Super Teams?
Super Teams are formed based on a variety of factors including camper’s age, desired schedule, and any counselor or friend requests. You can also opt to form a Private Super Team (minimum of 4 kids) with existing friends, classmates or extended family members.
Is the experience live or pre-recorded?
All Supernow experiences are live and led by experienced Super Counselors, who provide personalized attention to each camper.
How does scheduling work?
Sessions are 4 weeks long and new sessions start every Monday.
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