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Tips, tricks and guides for parents looking for ways to decode your kids' behaviors and up your parenting game.
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Super Cute DIY Friendship Bracelet Kids Can Make

Friendship bracelets are one of the most popular crafts for kids. Not only are they incredibly fun to make, but creating a gift for someone else teaches your youngster about hard work and the joy of giving. They are a great way to highlight the concept of empathy - putting yourself in someone else’s shoes - because they can also make a matching friendship bracelet for themselves, seeing firsthand what an awesome gift it would make.

Fun Dinosaur Activity for Kids: Make Dinosaur Fossils

No matter your age, young or old, we can all agree that dinosaurs are captivating prehistoric creatures that are just plain awesome. Many kids are dino-obsessed, knowing loads of names and tons of facts about these animals with an intense interest and eagerness to learn more. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are any magnificent creature of your choosing on a marvelous adventure. When we playfully transform ourselves into dinosaurs or other creatures, we can explore various eras, far off places, and new perspectives while growing our curiosity for things we may have never seen or encountered before. As wonderfully silly and fun this imaginative play can be, it is also super beneficial to your child.

Top Step-By-Step Video Game Crafts For Kids

There’s no doubt about it - kids are gaming, and they love it. Over 90 percent of kids play video games. And if your child is a gamer, they may actually be seeing some development benefits, including enhanced teamwork, delegation, multitasking and problem solving.

4 Cute Unicorn Crafts For a Birthday Party

Unicorns are so popular right now, which is amazing because there are so many ideas to have your own DIY Unicorn birthday party. I mean, what little kid wouldn’t love celebrating their birthday in a mythical forest or grotto? Many of these ideas are so easy to make at home and very doable, especially on a budget. Here are some of the cutest unicorn party ideas we’ve seen.

Supernow Unlimited Transition FAQ

Supernow Unlimited Transition FAQ

Managing Holiday Feelings for Parents of Kids Ages 4-10

This post is brought to you by Supernow in partnership with Little Otter.

5 tips for talking about Pride month and LGBTQ+ rights with kids

Here are our tips to help you explain.
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A picture with elements inside it.

8 Spooky Halloween Crafts Kids Can Easily DIY for Fun

Boo! It’s October and Halloween is lurking just around the corner like a vampire in the shadows! While sweet treats may be one of the most exciting parts of this spooky holiday for kids (and grown-up’s), these easy activities are guaranteed to get your fine motor skills flexing and your creative juices flowing while you prepare for a season of Halloween fun. All you need are a few simple household items and your brilliant artsy mind and crafty hands. Each activity is great for kids ages 5-7 and up and can be done independently leading to hours of creepy, crawly entertainment and imaginative holiday celebration.

5 Ways to Celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month With Kids

May Is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, an opportunity to celebrate the rich history and culture of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in the U.S. It’s a great time to teach kids about these cultures, and what an important role they play in our nation’s story. As always we are here to help you do that!

8 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Kids

Mother’s Day is one of the best opportunities of the year to teach your children to respect their mom and to thank her in some small way for all she does. It can be tough knowing just what to do to celebrate mom,especially with young kids, but we are here to help!

5 ways to Celebrate Cinco de mayo with your family

Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates Mexico's victory over the French during the Battle of Puebla , is a fun, festive and tasty(!) time to introduce kids to Mexican culture. There are so many things you and your children can do to celebrate this annual fiesta—even from the safety of your own home. Here are our top ideas to get your family in the Cinco de Mayo spirit:

6 rainy day activities for kids

It’s that time of year where we have a lot of rain in our forecast. Spring - it brings so much beauty, yet so much wet weather. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas to keep little ones busy. So, we’re doing it for you!

6 Healthy Recipes Your Kid will Love

We all aspire to cook healthier meals for the family, but sometimes with all the laundry, work, tidying, managing schedules, and everything else, we just don’t have the time. Also, most children can be seriously picky, so eating healthy just seems to have so many obstacles.

9 fun-filled Easter activities to do with children in Washington D.C.

Don’t put your eggs all in one basket when it comes to spring celebrations around the DC area! Even though there are restrictions and safety measures in place, there still are plenty of options for Easter-themed fun around the area.

10 Things to Do in NYC With Your Kids this Spring

In the last couple of weeks we’ve noticed a change in New York weather - the sun is shining, the temperature is warming - Spring is on the way! If you’ve been bundled up inside for the winter season, it’s time to get back outside. Lucky for you, there are PLENTY of safe, socially distanced, kid friendly activities you can do in New York.

5 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Kids

Here at Camp Supernow we love a good theme - any excuse to dress up, do crafts, and have fun, and we are there. Not that you need an excuse, but St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty great reason to do all of the above. So, we thought we’d share some ideas for ways you can celebrate this fabulous Irish holiday at home with kids.

How to raise kind kids

It’s important for parents to model caring behavior in their kids and kindness can be taught best by doing. Read on for 7 ways to instill kindness in your children.

How to encourage children to take turns

Often children find it difficult to take turns. It can be a skill they need to master, but one that is important. It’s also important to recognize that there are many different types of turn-taking. Taking a turn in a game is very different from taking a turn in a conversation, or with your favorite toy.

14 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Kids

There are so many fun and sweet ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and we’re here to give you ideas of what to do with the cutest Valentine of all -- your kids!

How to Handle Homework Resistance with Your Child

It’s 5pm. Your child's math homework is due tomorrow. They’ve had several days to get it done, and he still doesn’t want to do it. You’re getting stressed. They’re resisting.

How to Teach Your Children About Black History (Month)

February is Black History Month. And although Black History shouldn’t be limited to the month of February, this month presents itself as an ideal time to talk to your children and teach them about Black Culture and History.

How to Stop Sibling Fights: A Guide to Creating Harmony in Your Home

If you have multiple children, you’ve probably had to referee sibling fights on more than one occasion. And don’t worry - this is completely normal. The truth is, even the closest and best of siblings argue every now then. 

How to Teach Your Kids About Martin Luther King Day

This year, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s more important than ever to teach your child about the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy.

Phrases to inspire confidence in your child

As parents, we have the unique opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem in our child - two qualities very important for a child’s health and development. With a healthy self esteem your child will undoubtedly flourish.

Super Parent Feature: Nikolene

Over the past year we’ve met, connected with, and worked with so many amazing families and built an amazing community of Super Parents. We often find that YOU are our best resource, so we thought, why not collect and share all of your fantastic knowledge with the entire Superfam.

How to Create a Bedtime Routine for Your Child

Bedtime routines are a predictable sequence of events that should be consistently followed, for the development of your child. A bedtime routine helps to make children feel secure, comfortable, calm, and ultimately lead to a better night's sleep - for you and them!

The Ultimate Virtual Birthday Party Guide

How do you make your child’s birthday party special and memorable in these unique times? Follow our top tips and we guarantee that both you and your child will be left smiling.

5 Ways to Incorporate SEL at Home

With schools closed due to COVID-19, parents have experienced increased pressure of ensuring their children’s academic and social needs are met. To lighten the load, here are five strategies that we can use to integrate social and emotional learning at home.

Not All Screen Time is Created Equal

Technology has become a normal part of everyday life for kids, and that makes many parents uneasy. Parents are often worried about the effect screen time has on kids, and how to effectively manage giving their kids screens without feeling guilty about it. To help parents feel empowered in giving their kids screen time, I’m breaking down the research behind using screen time.

How to Get the Most Out of Distance Learning

Despite the challenges of distance learning, there are many tried-and-tested strategies that make online learning more effective, enjoyable, and even beneficial for children.

How to Celebrate Your Child's Birthday in Quarantine

Just because we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic doesn’t mean that birthdays can’t be moments of joy and celebration for you child. Here are some extra fun ways to celebrate birthdays for kids of all ages.

How to Prepare Your Kid for a COVID-19 Holiday

Here are some strategies that parents of young children can use for navigating the holidays during this new reality of social and physical distance.