4 Cute Unicorn Crafts For a Birthday Party

October 17, 2022
Written by
Supernow HQ
Key Points
  • Fuel your child's creativity with these 4 unicorn themed crafts and party activities. 
  • From magical unicorn wands to enchanting unicorn themed headbands straight from the enchanted forest, your birthday party will have a blast creating these 4 dreamy craft ideas. 
  • Not to mention, they are extremely budget friendly!

1. Unicorn Puppet

    Here's a unicorn twist on a classic crowd pleaser that all kids love to play with, puppets! Simply follow along with this easy tutorial here and get creative with Queen Dee. Using only construction paper, card stock and decorative tools, this craft is both budget friendly and interactive, letting their imaginations run wild with their crafty creatures. 

2. How to Make a Unicorn

      If your littles can’t get enough of those mythical friends, toss on a drawing tutorial and let their creativity flow! For best results, we’ve fallen in love with Supernow’s tutorials where crafty characters will lead your kiddo through a drawing adventure. Simply supply the party with a colorful array of markers, crayons and colored pencils then watch their rainbow unicorn dreams unfold! 

3. Mythical Unicorn Headband

        Colorful Unicorn Headbands make a great photobooth prop as well as sweet take home favors for your guests. Construction Paper, Holographic Cardstock, Markers, Scissors and tape create this gorgeous unicorn approved hair accessory!

4. Unicorn Wand Party Favors

             Create beautiful wands inspired by a majestic creature. Give them away as party favors or set the supplies out for a fun unicorn craft activity for the party guests! Simply wrap aluminum foil around paper straws and glue a unicorn drawing onto the straw. Embellish the wands with shimmery ribbon and you’re all set to go!

We hope you’re inspired to craft, create and celebrate with a unicorn birthday party! Tag us as your kiddos test out these magical creations. If you want more whimsical kids party crafts, check out Supernow and subscribe for daily crafting inspiration!

A picture with elements inside it.
A picture with elements inside it.