5 ways to Celebrate Cinco de mayo with your family

May 5, 2021
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Key Points
  • Cinco de Mayo is a great opportunity for fun activities with your children. 
  • You can cook together, decorate your house, do arts and crafts, and teach your children about Mexican Culture. 
  • See below for our top 5 tips for celebrating Cinco de Mayo with your family

Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates Mexico's victory over the French during the Battle of Puebla , is a fun, festive and tasty(!) time to introduce kids to Mexican culture. There are so many things you and your children can do to celebrate this annual fiesta—even from the safety of your own home. Here are our top ideas to get your family in the Cinco de Mayo spirit:

1. Decorate your house

A Cinco de Mayo theme is simple to create in your home with colorful decorations! Get yourselves Cinco de Mayo supplies like flags or banners online; include Mexican folk art like papel picado, too! Throw on some mariachi music, hang the piñata and get ready for a party. 

2. Bring Mexican to the family dinner table

Mexican food is something that all children will love eating. On Cinco de Mayo, swap out your regularly planned meal for Mexican-inspired dishes. Kids will love building their own tacos, so set out shells, meat, cheese and toppings and let them make their own.

3. Cook some Mexican treats together

Get your kids in the kitchen with you! End your meal with tres leches cake or flan that you create together.

4. Create DIY crafts

Do your kids love music? This maraca craft project is a great way to get into the spirit and make your own Mexican music on this holiday. Take it one step further and let your little ones decorate their very own homemade piñatas

5. Teach them about Mexican history

Most importantly, kids should know why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Using children’s picture books like Fiesta Time! Celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Mouse-O and Marco’s Cinco de Mayo will help teach kids about the history of the celebration. Consider attending a local street fair or festival with folk dancers and authentic music to learn more about the diversity of Mexican culture!

A picture with elements inside it.
A picture with elements inside it.