6 Out Of This World Space Crafts For Kids

October 4, 2022
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Key Points
  • Kids are more interested in outer space than ever before.
  • Nourishing this interest in space can foster a love of science, technology, engineering, math and more.
  • To fuel their curiosities with a creative outlet, check out our list of 6 fun and easy outer space crafts for kids!

Kids will love these 6 fun and easy outer space art projects that will both entertain and educate!

1. Make a Paper Accordion Astronaut

   One in five kids surveyed said they want to be an astronaut when they grow up! They can learn even more about what it takes with this paper plate craft perfect for older kids

2. Make a Rocket Ship

     Shoot for the moon with this fun space shuttle craft. Kids can find out more about rockets as they make their own. Get ready to blast off!

3. Make a Recycled Jetpack

       Use materials from around the house for this imaginative outer space craft. What planet can they fly to and explore with their jet pack?

4. Sculpt an Alien

         One in four kids hope to discover something new in space. They can get their creativity flowing by sculpting a unique alien out of clay or play doh!

5. Draw an Alien

          Or, if sculpting’s not their thing, future astronauts can learn how to draw their own alien in just a few simple steps.

6. Sculpt Your Own Planet

          With this fun and easy planets craft, kids can get creative and sculpt their very own outer space paradise, all while learning some fun facts about our solar system.

These activities provide the perfect opportunity for kids to dive even deeper into their love of outer space. Not only will this excitement and curiosity spread into other areas of their life, like math and science classes, but it will keep their imaginations and minds active with big questions. And crafting allows them to engage with their creativity, as they use their imaginations, problem-solve, and find their sense of self.

Can’t get enough outer space crafts for kids? Check out these and even more themed craft videos - including magical creatures, dinosaurs, and more - at supernow.com! 

A picture with elements inside it.
A picture with elements inside it.