7 Fun Crafts to Do With Your Child At Home

September 29, 2021
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Supernow HQ
Key Points
  • Crafting is a great way to bond with your child and to make lasting memories. 
  • Crafting doesn’t have to be hard, you can make so many things quickly, with items you already have at home. 
  • Try out our 8 fun crafts to do with your kid  at home.

A recent study by Dr. Richard Rende revealed that creative interaction between parents and young children engaging in activities like arts and crafts not only provides immediate and lasting cognitive benefits but also creates a unique bonding experience and lifelong memories. 

At Supernow we love doing crafts with our campers, but the fun doesn’t have to end when camp does. Here are some Camp Supernow favorites to try at home!

  1. Recycled Tin Can Windsocks : they only require a recycled can, paint, glue, and ribbon!

  1. Turn old keys into a Colorful DIY Key Windchime for your yard or garden!

  1. Airplane Clothespins : All it takes is a clothespin, some craft foam, and glue!

  1. Bubble Painting: Easily craft your artwork into notecards, bookmarks, and more for fun homemade gift ideas!

  1. Create these gorgeous Pour Painted Flower Pots! Check out our favorite acrylic paints for beginners here.

  1. Have an abundance of toy cars and trucks around? Try colorful Monster Truck Painting!

  1. Cupcake Liner Flowers: So easy and adorable 


You could pick any of these fun crafts for you and your child to create together, and you’re sure to build lasting memories and have a great time together! Happy crafting! Don’t forget to tag us in your creations. 

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A picture with elements inside it.
A picture with elements inside it.