8 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Kids

June 22, 2021
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Key Points
  • Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to make fun memories with your family, while teaching your children to respect and value their Mom. 
  • Check out our tip for things to do with your children, to help mum feel special.

Mother’s Day is one of the best opportunities of the year to teach your children to respect their mom and to thank her in some small way for all she does. 

It can be tough knowing just what to do to celebrate mom,especially with young kids, but we are here to help! 

Here are 8 ideas that will help mom feel special, and loved on Mother’s Day.

Pampering Mom

Ideas like breakfast in bed, some time alone to do things she loves, and a special dinner with her favorite foods (cooked by the kids with supervision) can make the day seem a little more special for mom.

Write a Letter

Just a letter of appreciation, written by each child in their own style, can make any mom stop for a minute and feel the appreciation. These will be treasured keepsakes as well.

Explore Nature

Take an early morning walk in a nearby park or nature area. Go on a walk, and bring a surprise picnic to enjoy at the park. Getting outside into the nice spring weather with mom and the kids can be a refreshing way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Give Her Flowers

Flowers are a very traditional way to celebrate Mother’s Day but they are almost always appreciated. 

Make a Craft Project

Mothers love things that their children make for them with their own two little hands! Homemade spa items like bath bombs and DIY bath salts are thoughtful gifts that mom will surely use.

Give Away a Day Away

While spending quality time with mom on Mother’s Day, give her a gift certificate for a day away from all of her worries. The idea of a day away can be pretty exciting for a mom who needs such a respite.

Prepare a Happy Memories Box

Help the kids write some of their favorite memories with mom on index cards and put them in a box. You can even print up some pictures of these memories if you have them.

Make Mom a Video

This one takes a little extra planning, but it would be an amazing way to make her feel special. Have each child talk on camera about mom—what they love about her and the fun memories they have. Then compile the video clips, add some pictures and music, and get it ready for the big day. Then play the video after Mother’s Day dinner and watch her beam!


Whatever you do, helping kids make Mother’s Day special for their mom is a small investment but it pays big dividends in terms of how mom feels and how kids learn to show respect and appreciation. Make sure to tag us in your creations!

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