How to Create a Bedtime Routine for Your Child

May 12, 2021
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Key Points
  • A predictable bedtime routine is critical to children’s development and helps them feel secure, calm and healthier
  • We highlight key tips on how to create a consistent bedtime routine including making sure you cue bedtime with pre-bed activities, making sure they’ve had enough to eat, avoiding screens and distractions, and keeping the timing consistent each evening.

Bedtime routines are a predictable sequence of events that should be consistently followed, for the development of your child. A bedtime routine helps to make children feel secure, comfortable, calm, and ultimately lead to a better night's sleep - for you and them! 

As a parent, the earlier you start implementing a bedtime routine, the better. Babies and children crave consistency, so create some kind of schedule with regular nap times and a set bedtime.

To help you navigate bedtime, here are some top tips for establishing a healthy and effective sleep routine for your child.

Make sure your child is engaging in the ‘appropriate’ activities before bedtime.

Make sure that before bedtime, the activities that approach it signal to your child they will soon be sleeping. It’s common for many parents to follow the Three B’s: Bath, books, and then bedtime. In addition, soothing music can help your child rest easier. 

Make sure your child is full

Did you know, your child typically will sleep for longer and deeper with a full stomach? If they ate dinner earlier in the evening, we recommend a lite snack before bed of cheese or bread. Carbo-hydrates make them sleepy, and the cheese will even their blood sugar. 

Avoid distractions

Start winding down for bed at-least 30 minutes before bedtime. We recommend turning off the TV, limiting over exertion or physical activity, and instead perhaps listening to calm music or reading. 

Create a consistent routine

This is the most important aspect of bedtime for a child. If they are sleeping at different times each night, and changing their activities beforehand, then it will be much harder for them to fall asleep. Ensure that you pick a specific time for your routine to start, and to put your child to bed, and stick to it every night. 

Creating a stable and secure bedtime will help you - and your child - greatly in the long run! 


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