How to Handle Homework Resistance with Your Child

May 12, 2021
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Key Points
  • Getting your child to do their homework can be met with a lot of resistance, and that's normal. 
  • There are several steps that you as a parent can take to help motivate your children to do their homework, and to stop the nightly battles. 
  • Creating a positive experience with learning early on, will benefit them for life.

How to Handle Homework Resistance with Your Child | Supernow

It’s 5pm. Your child's math homework is due tomorrow. They’ve had several days to get it done, and he still doesn’t want to do it. You’re getting stressed. They’re resisting. Sound familiar? Unless you have a super responsible and organized child (we’re so jealous if this is the case), the likelihood is that you’ve had this scenario happen at home many times. 

So what next? 

Here are our top tips to help motivate your kid and stop homework resistance: 

  1. Stop referring to homework as your child’s ‘job’. Calling it a job automatically makes it automatically feel more like work than something fun or interesting to do. 
  2. Realize that the time of day is important. Some children work better in the morning, others in the evening. Some children work better straight from school, and others need a little break before they can get started on homework. It’s important you figure out together when it works best for your child and stick to a routine. 
  3. Don’t restrict your child from doing things they like until they’ve done their homework. This puts homework in a different category to enjoyable things, therefore making it unenjoyable. Instead, tell your child they have to do both and to pick which they’d like to do first. Giving your child autonomy over their homework is a great motivator. 
  4. Brainstorm together. Always continue to observe and discuss what works best for your child. Chat to them about different ways you can help and get their homework done. Make a plan together. 
  5. Do not bribe, nag, or force. The motivation to do homework needs to come from within the child themselves. Forcing or bribing will only backfire and reduce your child’s motivation to get it done. 
  6. Do the homework together. Don’t just tell them that homework is important, show them through your actions. Encourage them. Parental involvement is proven to result in better school performance. 
  7. Provide motivation. Show encouragement and appreciation of your child's hard work when he or she has completed his or her homework. Something as small as a high five or words of praise can boost your child's motivation

Getting your child to do homework is just one of the many blocks that go into forming a good learning habit. Help your child to develop a love of learning early on and they will benefit for life. 


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