How to Keep Your Kids Socially Connected During the Pandemic

January 20, 2021
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Supernow HQ
Key Points
  • Research suggests that kids who feel socially connected to friends and community are significantly more likely to have higher self esteem, lower rates of depression and behavioral conduct issues.
  • There are many ways to keep kids connected during social distancing this winter
  • Weekly video playdates, social computer games and virtual classes are all viable options for how to prevent loneliness in children
  • Camp Supernow offers intimate and large group virtual social pods to keep kids connected, learning and having fun during the school week

As we head into the holidays and the last stretch of 2020, the question that parents have been asking all year still looms large: how do we help our kids stave off loneliness during the pandemic?

Preventing loneliness during the pandemic is a universal concern among parents and there isn’t just one good solution. If we’ve learned anything this year it’s the importance of adapting and reimagining activities to meet this new reality. 

Conscious social connection is one of the most important indicators of happiness and success among kids. In fact, research suggests that youth who feel connected to people and institutions in their communities report lower levels of depression and conduct issues, higher self esteem and more adaptive use of free time. 

To set your children up for future success and prevent loneliness during the winter months, here are our favorite tools and activities to keep kids socially connected. 

Set Up Weekly Video Calls

Scheduling a standing video call with grandparents, cousins, classmates or friends can add structure and routine to a child’s week while keeping them socially connected. Thanks to the power of Zoom and FaceTime, geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier to keeping in touch with friends and family from afar. 

Put together a rotation of core people for your child to stay in touch with. You can even mix it up and introduce surprise guests into the rotation to keep your child engaged, excited and looking forward to each virtual catch up. 

Slot in Social Games

Indoor quarantine activities and remote schooling make monitoring and reducing screen time difficult. But not all screen time is created equal. If reducing your child’s hours on a screen is a challenge, then focus on quality and diversity of the content. 

Many video games actually offer positive social outlets that promote collaboration, teamwork, and creative problem-solving. To engage your child socially, allow a few hours a week to be dedicated to fun and social video games.

Setting a time limit for different screen activities ensures that kids aren’t physically or mentally inactive for long periods of time.

For a few hours each week check out: Minecraft, Roblox, Best Friends, NBA 2k20, Pokemon Go, and Fortnite. 

Virtual Classes and Playdates

One of the best ways kids can remain social, active and creatively stimulated is through virtual classes and workshops. At Camp Supernow we offer afterschool adventures that meet in large and small groups with kids all over the world. 

Through live, counselor-led virtual Super Teams, kids are introduced to social and emotional lessons, all while meeting new friends, expanding their imaginations and having fun.

To foster community and give kids a sense of greater belonging, we also offer daily Super Shows - camp-wide interactive workshops that feature movement, music, dance, performing arts, virtual expert field trips and more.

Enroll in afterschool adventures today, or sign up for a free trial and set let your kid take a trip.

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