How to raise kind kids

May 12, 2021
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Key Points
  • Show children the importance of giving back and helping others. 
  • When you raise children to be kind, it will positively impact them in the future to become kind adults. 
  • There are many ways to involve your child in showing kindness both locally and on a larger scale. 
  • Check out our tips below for how to raise kind kids.

Children, more often than not, are naturally kind and caring, and this provides ample opportunities for nurturing. If children are encouraged to be kind when they are younger, they tend to grow up as kind adults. 

While it’s important for parents to model caring behavior, kindness can be taught best by doing. When our children complete acts of kindness, the impact on them can be tremendous. They get to help create a better world, and feel good about what they are doing.

Check out our tips for  how to raise kind kids: 

  • Help your neighbors: this is a great place to start and helps foster community. Offer to shovel their driveway or bring their trash bins in, bring them food when they are unwell, and always remember to wave and smile. 
  • Share your belongings: Discuss donating and how it benefits others around you. Ask 
  • your child to pick one of their toys, books, supplies, that are in good condition, to donate. Make sure you go together when you donate the items.
  • Volunteer: Check your local food banks, libraries, soup kitchens, faith communities, animal shelters, and environmental groups, for how you can help your neighborhood.
  • Pick up litter: Something so simple can really have an impact. Make sure to create a habit of picking up trash whenever you see it as you walk, or organize a larger cleanup for later. 
  • Help seniors: many seniors often appreciate a helping hand, especially if they live alone. Some ways you can help them out is: offer to carry their things, offer to do yard work, offer to do their grocery shopping, invite a senior to join you for family meals. 
  • Make treats: Have your children help you to make treats i.e. cookies, for you to hand out to your neighbors. 
  • Donate to a food bank: Food Banks are always in need of donations. Make sure you buy something for the food bank every time you grocery shop. Include your children by asking them to pick out one item to donate.

There are so many opportunities for you and your child to give back, and oftentimes they require minimal effort. Yet, these acts have a powerful impact on those who give and those who receive. Let us know which activity you choose! 

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