How to Teach Your Children About Black History (Month)

May 12, 2021
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Key Points
  • February is Black History Month, and it’s the perfect time to talk to your kids and teach about and celebrate Black Culture and History. 
  • Let’s normalize having ongoing discussions and explorations of acceptance, equality, Black history and culture with our children all year long.
  • It’s important to remember both the painful events and noteworthy accomplishments that have defined Black History
  • Children should learn both about the past, and also the important Black leaders of today who continue to move society forward. 
  • Follow our tips below for ideas on how to celebrate and teach your children about Black Culture.

How to Teach your children about Black History Month | Supernow

February is Black History Month. And although Black History shouldn’t be limited to the month of February, this month presents itself as an ideal time to talk to your children and teach them about Black Culture and History. 

It's important to remember that black history has been filled with both painful events, as well as joyful accomplishment. Black history includes much more than just slavery and the struggle for civil rights. Children should learn about the many important Black influencers and contributors that did and who continue to move our society forward in all realms of life. 

Here are some of our ideas for how to teach your children about Black History and Culture: 

  • Talk about Black heroes and leaders from the past and present. Go beyond Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Barack Obama, and Rosa Parks. There are so many other people who have emerged as role models for all our children including Euphemia Lofton Haynes, Charles Hamilton Houston, Melissa Harris Perry, and Booker T. Washington
  • Discuss the obstacles Black people have overcome to make society better as a whole. Take it one step further and choose to discuss Black leaders in a field that your child is interested in. For example, if your child loves music, discuss influential Black musicians. 
  • Study and cook food from specific Black culture groups. One of the best ways to get to know a culture is by making and enjoying their food! Pick a few recipes with your child, and involve them in the fun of making the dish! Research the origins of the dish and share over the dinner table as you enjoy. Tip: make one meal per week throughout the month to celebrate. 
  • Discuss and explore different items that Black inventors have contributed to society. This nation was not built alone by just one race of people. Many of the things we use in everyday life were invented by Black people. For example: the cell phone, traffic light, the refrigerator, the zipper, the ironing board, peanut butter, and the list goes on!
  • Learn about the many “famous firsts” in Black history. You can share stories of the individuals who were the “first” to accomplish a great feat. During Black History Month (and every month), try to highlight Black people who’ve paved the way for us and helped to make our lives better.


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