The Ultimate Virtual Birthday Party Guide

May 12, 2021
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Key Points
  • Planning the perfect birthday party in 2021 looks a little different than past years
  • In order to maximize the fun for both you and your kids, we’ve got some tips for how to run a virtual birthday party, from picking a fun theme, to decorating your IRL space, to keeping the party short and sweet.

For most kids, this year has been a hard time to be separated from their friends and family. They’ve had to sacrifice a lot including that big, loud, messy birthday party. Instead, in 2020 kids have had to swap out an IRL party with a virtual celebration. 

So, how do you make your child’s birthday party special and memorable in these unique times? Follow our top tips and we guarantee that both you and your child will be left smiling. 

1. Get the tech sorted before. 

At this point in the year, you may already have your favorite video-call setup. But just in-case, we recommend the obvious Zoom for larger groups, and Houseparty for smaller groups of an older age. Make sure everyone knows which app you’re using and they have the link beforehand. 

2. Build anticipation 

Build excitement for your child's party the way you usually would in previous years. Send out e-invitations, or go that one step further, and send out personalized paper invitations. Just because the party happens online doesn’t mean you can’t introduce tangible favors.

3. Pick a theme 

Thinking of a theme for the party will help you to build an atmosphere. Involve your child with the selection of the theme, and go along with whatever they are into at the time - be it superheroes or princesses. For costume and decoration inspiration, we recommend Pintrest.

4. Go ALL OUT on decorations

Help make your child’s party stand out from a regular virtual call by decorating the room to the nines! Think, balloons, disco-ball lights and bunting. Anything you can get your hands on to make the room come to life. SuperTip: turn decorating into a crafting activity and get your children involved in design and making the  backdrop. We recommend real decorations to Zoom backgrounds to make it feel more like a party.

5. Choose a dress code.

Add even more fun, color, and dazzle to your child's birthday by inviting guests to come in costume. Give parents enough notice to organize an outfit, and you could even add a little friendly fun to it and make a costume contest out of it - which, at the end everyone would win!

6. Keep it short and sweet. 

Less is definitely more when it comes to virtual parties. Supertip 1: Manage the number of children on the call - we recommend no more than 10-12. Supertip 2: while childrens’ parties usually last 2-3hours,  we would keep all virtual ones to no more than 60 minutes, to prevent distractions and lost interest.

7. Let the games begin.

Even though many children will be entertained by chatting and music, it could be good to surprise them with games too! For the younger kids go with something more traditional like dancing games such as musical statues. Another fun game idea is to start the party by having all the guests say one nice thing about the birthday boy or girl - it's sure to get them smiling.

Although these times are tough on both yourself and your child, you can still organize a celebration to remember. Not interested in planning an entire celebration yourself? Supernow offers virtual birthday parties and takes care of everything so you don’t have to! For more information email us at [email protected]

Supernow is a virtual program designed to teach kids ages 5-10 important social and emotional skills and supercharge their development into happy and healthy future grown-ups.

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