A New Edu-Taining Adventure
Each Month

Adventure Club features an educational and super fun adventure and a box filled with projects related to the theme. Travel to space, back in time, and around the globe in search of answers to each month’s mystery.

Some Favorite Past Adventures

The Space Chase: An Intergalactic Rescue Mission

Extraterrestrial friends Xani and Ximi need our help on a solar system-wide search for their precious Joy-O-Meter. We’ll travel around the galaxy uncovering clues, learning space facts and building creations to point us in the right direction...before it’s too late!


  • Rocket Propulsion Experiment

  • Clay Model of the solar system

  • Lunar rover

  • Space rock suncatcher

What they’ll learn about:

  • Propulsion and aerodynamics

  • Inner and outer solar system

  • Moons, planets and stars

The Mystery of the Missing Mammals

There’s  trouble at the Super Musée! The museum’s precious mammal exhibits are mysteriously disappearing and someone is leaving suspicious ransom notes behind.  We need the help of some savvy detectives to track down these awesome animals, find the culprit and travel to some natural habitats along the way.


  • Adventure mobile

  • Animal camouflage mask

  • Pulley Trap Project

  • Savanna Animal Diorama

What they’ll learn about:

  • Savanna biome

  • Endangerment and animal conservation

  • Construction and engineering

4 projects for a month’s worth of fun

Every project is designed to spark creativity and imagination while  teaching about a valuable topic or skill.

Projects span arts & crafts, science experiments and engineering challenges.

Each project is designed to be completely kid-driven with no parental help needed. So you can actually go take the much-needed break.

Projects can be completed alone with a live project class or alone with on-demand video.

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